Welcome to the official website of Albert Pacer, Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate, District 11, representing Johnston and Nash counties.

North Carolina has been known as a Progressive State, but that is no longer the case. Indeed it has become a leader of the forces that are driving us from the possibility of being a New South back to the conditions of the Old South which made it the most backward part of the nation. And it is taking the rest of the country along on that backward slide. As a native North Carolinian, that is maddening. It is absolutely crucial that Democrats wrest control of the NC General Assembly out of the hands of the Republicans and I am running to help make that possible.

If you want to restore North Carolina, put Albert Pacer in the Senate.


Albert Pacer is your ‘choice for a change’ in NC. Show your support and make a contribution today.


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Photo of Albert Pacer in the header image by Buddy Owens