Albert Pacer


is a North Carolina native, born in Wilmington in 1945, who has deep care and concern for this beautiful state he calls home. His family became a single-parent family early on. Al’s keen interest in politics began at age seven.  He was already participating in politics by the age of fifteen during the 1960 Presidential Election, taping campaign posters on the back fender of his bicycle, discussing and even debating issues with his paper route customers.



Al performing at an open-mic night in Zebulon


From his first job as a Wilmington paperboy growing up in the projects, Al went on to attend Wilmington College (now UNC-W), Appalachian State University, University at Albany, SUNY, and Florida International University, attaining a BA (American History and Political Science, Sociology) and an MA (Political Science, Jr College Teaching and Administration, and Sociology), along with PhD study in public administration and political science. A strong work ethic along with affordable tuition, allowed him to pay his way through school as a production worker in a spring plant, broom plant, and bakery,  a construction worker, janitor, and bus boy, along with using his GI Bill. Student financing was available through loans which had interest rates and pay back provisions less onerous than now.  There was debt for students, but loans were provided for education not with the intent of making money from them.  Al believes in education that is accessible to all, affordable, and that allows people get ahead in life, as it should, instead of hindering them.

Al was a voracious reader from an early age, which led him to a deep belief in the value of formal education, but most significantly it led to his continuous personal education based on a love of learning.  His study of political science and sociology gave him further insight and understanding of “the bases of membership in society,” and fostered his commitment to changing the current state of social life for the better. He believes that each and every citizen living in a society should be a full member of that society.

Immediately upon completion of his bachelors course work, Al was diverted for two years from continuing his education by getting drafted, 1969-1971, into the U.S.Army.  He spent eighteen months quartered at the Convalescent Center for Walter Reed Army Hospital where he was able to observe the Congress in the hours after working full time in the Medical Department Historical Unit.

Al believes strongly that each and every citizen living in a society should be a full member of that society.


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Al’s time at the Walter Reed Convalescent Center had a profound impact on him.  Day after day, he chowed with patients, witnessing the never-ending parade of soldiers who had had their bodies blown all to hell due to the needless prolongation of the war by people inside the Beltway, who made decisions affecting life and death from the cloisters of their comfortable chairs and air conditioned offices that were immaculately clean and, above all else, safe from any threat of harm.

Al’s love of the natural world led him to study and experiences that strengthened his respect for nature and the importance of protecting the ecosystem through responsible practices that preserve the natural environment, reduce carbon emissions, and curtail toxins and pollutants. He took science courses while studying at SUNY, including Aquatic Ecology, Geology, and Remote Sensing; and he became a SCUBA Instructor and relocated to Ft Lauderdale, where he developed a scuba specialty in Coral Reef Ecology. He documents the natural world around him through his passion for photography, and has amassed a portfolio of thousands of photos over the years.




Al’s deep knowledge and experience in politics and government have played an important role in his life. While living in upstate N.Y., he became active in the Albany County Democratic Party, the longest existing political machine in the U.S., where he served as the first County Budget Director under the new charter system, and later established–and was appointed Director of–The Department of Employment and Training responsible for implementing the CETA Program. He had a thirteen-year engagement in the Broward County Department of Planning, Strategic Planning Division, doing population and housing studies for the Growth Management Plan, compiled the County Capital Plan, and authored chapters on population and housing in The Statistical Abstract published by the Greater Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.


Al knows how government works, and understands how it can work better.


When Al left traditional employment, he purchased a property with two homes and became a hands-on landlord. After selling it, he moved to More Haven, FL where he was active in the Glades County Democratic Party and began a serious involvement in long-distance cycling. He returned to NC, moving back to Wilmington in 2007 to help when his mother became terminally ill. He became active in the New Hanover County Democratic Party and in 2008 got his Precinct organized and became Chairman. He continued his long distance cycling and moved to Johnston County for hillier terrain and easier access to ride-starts in Morrisville. He retired from high-level cycling at the end of 2014, which left an opening for expanding his activity in politics. Before then, Al’s enthusiasm for long-distance cycling, along with his physical and mental endurance, enabled him to log 68,209 miles cycling all over North Carolina  since he returned to his home state.



The time has come for Albert Pacer to put his knowledge and experience to work for his fellow citizens, as a member of the NC Senate. He has the focus, endurance, passion, experience and deep understanding necessary to succeed in that role. Al is committed to returning government to its intended role, which is to work in the interests of its citizens—not in the interests of Big Money! He is guided by his strong belief that government should work to improve the quality of life for all people, through extending fundamental rights to all, no matter their race or gender; making affordable health care available for all; and making the economy accountable to the people, not to big money.

Put Albert Pacer to work for YOU by voting him into the NC Senate this November. A vote for him is a vote for the people of North Carolina.


Put Al to work for YOU by voting him into the NC Senate this November. A vote for him is a vote for the people of North Carolina.

If you want to restore North Carolina, put Albert Pacer in the Senate.


Albert Pacer is your ‘choice for a change’ in NC. Show your support and make a contribution today.

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am
not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the
light that I have.”

(A Lincoln, Touchstones, Feb. 12)

Johnston County Farmer | Photo by Albert Pacer

Al’s neighbor and friend | Photo by Albert Pacer

1st fruits--2016

Tomatoes planted by Al | Photo by Albert Pacer

Photo by Albert Pacer

Fruit cake from Mom’s recipe baked by Al | Photo by Albert Pacer


Wrightsville Beach | Photo by Albert Pacer


On Al’s neighborhood walk | Photo by Albert Pacer


Jordan Lake | Photo by Albert Pacer


On the cycling ride to Greenville and back | Photo by Albert Pacer